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e-Commerce Requirements

Website Development Checklist

The below details should be filled as a Word Document or as Google Document and to be sent to

  1. Logo in Transparent Background (Light and Dark Versions PNG, SVG)
  2. Favicon in Transparent Background (PNG, SVG)
  3. Brand Guidelines – Example, Example 2
  4. Typography (Font Families, Weight, Size for desktop, size for mobile, headings, paragraphs and body text)
  5. Icons (Should ideally be in the same family)
  6. Brand Color Codes (Primary, Secondary, Accent, Title, Headings, Paragraph and Body)
  7. Spacing (Padding between each sections) (Ideally in % or EM)
Statutory Compliance:
  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use)
  3. Returns & Refund Policy
  4. Shipping & Delivery Policy
  5. Cookie Policy (Optional)
Site Navigation Pages:
  1. Homepage
  2. Shop
  3. About Us
  4. FAQs
  5. Contact Us
Image Dimensions:
  1. Banner Size (1920×860 for desktop, Tablet – 778×566, 1080×1080 for mobile)
  2. Product Image Sizes (1080×1080 preferred, If not 810×1080)
Product Information:
  1. Title of the product
  2. Short Description of the product
  3. Long Description of the product
  4. Price of the product
  5. Inventory (Qty available)
  6. Attributes (Sizes, Colors, Patterns)
  1. Product Category List
  2. Shipping Prices (State Wise)
  3. Customer Reviews (If available)
  4. Mail Suite (Zoho / G-suite)
Payment Gateway:

Please refer this page to know about the documents required.

*Razorpay is our official payment gateway partner.

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